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Follow That Dream


Del mar horse races

So it isn’t as fancy as he Kentucky derby or even the Carolina cup but the del mar horse races are almost here! Opening day is on Wednesday. Sometimes I get really sad about the horses and I just try to keep in mind that they are treated well, and rewarded not punished how matter how well or not they do. Last year I wore the prettiest purple hat and all black peplum dress. This year I want to be more summery! Here are two pictures frm last year. It might be hard to top theirs off! Do you guys have races like this or other social events where you get to dress up??? I want to hear about them! ImageImage

Summer daze

Summer is slowly coming to an end over here. I’m starting to get a little anxious about school starting next semester, it’s last final semester of my under grad program. I will receive my bachelors in communication, so exciting. I will be doing a research assistance program as well as taking 5 classes. It will be tough but totally worth it 🙂 I’ve made a commitment to myself and to y’all to start posting on here daily. Image